I’m a happily married, mom and grandma who resides in the Arizona desert. Since becoming disabled many years ago I’ve gotten to be quite a computer junky. My interests are all over the map, I should just let you know what I am not interested in….it would be much shorter.

My passions (besides the Lord) are my hubby, family, friends and painting. Since allergies prevent me from playing in oils (my fav medium) I’ve taken to digital art.  The main two programs I’ve used for many years are PSP (Corel’s PaintShop Pro) and Painter. Currently I am co-owner of a large PSP learning group with a whole lot of great folks. This year I have started to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud and I’m learning all over again, but enjoying it. Love to read and write, and no matter what I’m doing, it seems I laugh. I also am a family history enthusiast (I include family that aren’t genetically connected) and have been working with our genealogy for many years.  I’ve had the greatest pleasure meeting up with family from all over that I hadn’t known before. Prior to disability I had worked as a realtor, insurance agent, office manager, business consultant, property manager and paralegal.

I believe the best things in life are free and you can turn someone’s whole life around with a smile.