Splash Screen worth noting

Posted March 31st, 2010 by momhere

I’ve been busy this week catching up my Painter lessons and having a great time doing so.  One of the things I noted is that the opening splash screen is a dreaded item in most of my programs, and I usually change the preference immediately to avoid them.  It’s a bit different in Painter.  I actually look forward to seeing the art in my face, even if it’s not in a genre I would purchase or create myself.

That’s the case today.  I must share with you the link to Dwayne Vance’s artwork, as it’s phenomenal even if I could care less about cars, futuristic drawings or any genre he works in.  What I saw was a super artist.  It gives me joy to see other artists’ work, and this is no exception.  So while I’m out piddling….oops not supposed to do that…painting my assignments, I’m hoping you’ll get the same type of joy I did.

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  1. Barb Hartsook

    Hey there — you can disable that if you’d like. At the very bottom of the box there’s a check box for showing this dialog at startup. It you unclick that, it won’t come up. You can always get it back by clicking on the Help button up top and then on the ‘Welcome’ near the bottom.

    How are the paintings coming along? Are you taking classes?

  2. lafnsuzi

    Hey Barb, good to “see” you! Used to stop the screen when I first got Painter, but once I realized the artwork changed, I fell in love with it. Of course that means it’s a good hour and a half from the time I open up the program and get to working….it’s that plaything going on! I am taking the Photopainting and portraiture class right now. Thoroughly enjoying it, but I think I’m a slow painter…LOL…the rest of the class is years ahead of me it seems;O) Busy doing graphics for a project too, so no time to misbehave at the moment…sigh. Hope all’s well with you.

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