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Posted February 7th, 2010 by momhere

Since I’ve changed back to XP I have not had time to do a dual boot, so was unable to test this software in Windows 7 also, sorry ’bout that.  However, I really like this freeware, and it’s almost as smooth as the SolSuite that must be purchased (every year I have found out now).  It is Big Solitaire 3D, and version 1.4 is here.  I like the fact that you can change settings and there is an undo and redo.  While there are only 40 games they include my favs – Canfield, Free Cell, Klondike and Spider, so I’m happy!  Farewell to paying for my morning fix;O)

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  1. Sliloh

    Cool, I just downloaded it! I can’t believe SolSuite has to be purchased every year! That is the dumbest thing I ever heard, I guess you are just leasing it :p


  2. lafnsuzi

    Well, it’s actually the service…which is why they didn’t answer my email….I’d bought at the end of 2008…good grief! Have fun with this one, I surely love the price;O)


  3. Bean

    I love solitaire so much that I don’t even keep it on my computer any more. I wouldn’t get anything done. I am almost</em powerless to stop myself from playing "one more game"

  4. lafnsuzi

    I should take a clue from you Bean…that “just one more game” sounds vaguely familiar!

  5. Sliloh

    Yeah, I played freecell so much that while I was in the hospital following my brain surgery, I dreamed freecell 😀 Part of it might have been the drugs hopefully…lol

  6. Barb Hartsook

    I’m like Bean — only I still prefer the feel of the cards when I play solitaire. (Isn’t that funny! In a world of virtual, I still love the tactile. Guess it’s the same as never giving up the pen to write, or the brush to paint with.)

    Great post for your playground of fun and laughter, Suzie! 🙂

  7. Barb Hartsook

    Forgot to mention — I now keep Bananagrams handy — close to the pretty box with playing cards. It’s quick and fun. I make up rules too, like using it as an Upwards Scrabble game if I want to. 🙂

  8. lafnsuzi

    LOL at the freecell dreams…this freeware has freecell but probably not as pretty as your dreams…surgery and the drugs afterward usually create some interesting dreams in my experience…best part since we’d rather forget the rest, eh?

  9. lafnsuzi

    I can understand the “feel” of the game…which is why I don’t play virtual sports;O) Now you went and did it though since I’m going to have to look up Bananagrams….it sounds like there might be words in there…off I go.

  10. Jane

    I just got my Windows 7 instruction book from Amazon, so now I can really get working on my new little Dell.
    So much looking forward to taking the Fractal classes.

    I have one Solitaire game on it I think, though Im not good at cards. I shall have to have a look at it though. There is chess and other games on my Macs, but I have never tried them. Gee, there is so much stuff built in to these new computers that I never try.
    My husband needs a flight simulator, as his friend(a retired pilot), is always talking about them. And now I think we can get a good one for Macs. Thats a project for me to look up, thanks for the heads up on computer games, they will be fun.

  11. lafnsuzi

    Glad you finally got it Jane. My hubby loves his flight simulator that he had, but alas, it won’t even work in WinXP so it’s a goner.

    If I remember correctly I believe there were quite a few games on Win 7 – and that spider was actually fairly good. It’s only drawback was no undo button. Since I play in the morning and am a nightowl…well you can imagine I need that undo in the worst way;O)

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