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Posted February 5th, 2010 by momhere

Well, I have been playing a bit with the latest version of PSP.  The photo features are great, and I really appreciated how easy it was to use the new smart capture.  Here’s my result after playing for about an hour with the smart capture and clone tools.  It was very simple to do and I will be checking out the rest of the tools soon.

Window View

I’m still not sure I’ll upgrade.  There is one reason and I haven’t had a response from Corel yet about it.  When it installs you default X3 as your .pspimage file association (which each version before did also).  I attempted to undo this association (as I had with previous versions) so that I can use my preferred version (9) for that default and was unable to do so.  If it weren’t for that issue I would quickly upgrade as it is quick and doesn’t seem to bog down nearly as much as X, X1 and X2 have.  I used it easily with several full-size photographs without bogging it down.  More as it comes.


Okay, so slower-than-a-rock has figured out how to redo the file associations so that X3 doesn’t re-default.  What I did was go into the file associations, click on remove all in X3.  Then I shut it down and re-opened 9 (version I wanted to default for .pspimage), went to reset it as the default to open that file format again and after testing a couple times, it’s worked fine.  WOOHOO!  Okay, so now I have to buy the new one, and I’m totally sure hubby will understand this need;O)

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  1. Sliloh

    That smart capture thing is awesome. I watched a thing about it and was thinking that a lot of my pictures could benefit from that!

  2. lafnsuzi

    It was a great feature, and enough to make me want to buy it, but unfortunately I wound up deleting the program…sigh…just kept redoing the default pspimage extensions and that doesn’t work for me. I really dislike proggies that won’t allow you to run your computer as you wish…ah that perfect world just eludes us all, huh?

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