Art Paints is awesome!

Posted February 25th, 2012 by momhere

I thought I’d blogged about this place before, but can’t find it. It’s too cool not to share. On this site are many things for artist’s paints, but for me the fav is definitely the charts of what the artist’s colors are and how they relate on the computer.

When I was still able to paint with real oils I had collected a large amount of paint instruction books. When I tried using them for computer graphics I found trying to figure out the colors from printed page to screen a real handicap. It’s been great to go on this site, get the numbers for those colors and use them in Painter or Art Rage like I knew what I was doing. You gotta check it out, really!

art-paints banner

Link to

A touch of explaining

Posted February 25th, 2012 by momhere

For those of you who are personal friends and family, I will be redoing the home site and put a personal blog there.  When’s it’s up again, I’ll give you an email shout;O)  I’ve deleted all the personal stuff from this one as far as I can tell.  My original focus for this blog was a place to have fun with the different computer programs that feed my graphic arts addiction, and I am getting back to the purpose.  Thanks for patience everyone, love y’all!

Karyn Gabaldon

Posted July 30th, 2010 by momhere

One of the joys of going to other locations is going to art galleries and other shops not seen before.  On my most recent trip to Durango we were strolling downtown after filling ourselves at a wonderful Mexican restaurant taking in as many shops as we could.  From across the street I had a perfect view of the most exquisite painted sky that I’d seen in a long time, and dragged the others with me.  Karyn’s shop was full of fabulous art pieces and was one of the highlights of our venture.  Meant to share it with you long ago, but I’ve been busy.  Highly recommended if you get there.  Visiting with other artists always inspires me.

Out in the open

Posted April 7th, 2010 by momhere

LOL…to say I’m green at using Painter is a huge understatement, but I have been working on another class at LVS to hopefully continue to grow.  The course is PhotoPainting and Portraiture and I’m having lots of fun with it, and learning gobs.  Whether painting in this medium or real-life mediums, my biggest challenge has been trying to paint like it was a photograph…and I’m trying ever so hard to let loose.  I do believe my instructor, Maureen will do all she can to break me out of that mold…as have my other instructors.  Decided I’d share what I completed not too long ago…before and after shots.  I certainly am hoping I remember how to enter the pics.

Original peach image


and then once I did the lesson, this is what resulted:


After Lesson

This lesson was teaching a watercolor technique and you can tell I need to practice lots more, but it surely was fun enough to do just that;O)

Splash Screen worth noting

Posted March 31st, 2010 by momhere

I’ve been busy this week catching up my Painter lessons and having a great time doing so.  One of the things I noted is that the opening splash screen is a dreaded item in most of my programs, and I usually change the preference immediately to avoid them.  It’s a bit different in Painter.  I actually look forward to seeing the art in my face, even if it’s not in a genre I would purchase or create myself.

That’s the case today.  I must share with you the link to Dwayne Vance’s artwork, as it’s phenomenal even if I could care less about cars, futuristic drawings or any genre he works in.  What I saw was a super artist.  It gives me joy to see other artists’ work, and this is no exception.  So while I’m out piddling….oops not supposed to do that…painting my assignments, I’m hoping you’ll get the same type of joy I did.

7 steps to Murphy-proof your Win7/XP setup

Posted March 1st, 2010 by momhere

In my case taking a week to complete this procedure was entirely because I failed to read one word on a regular basis.  That word was SAVE.  After all the little things I thought were problems, I created more for myself.  But I also found solutions, so I thought I’d share those with you and leave out the gory details.  I hear that sigh of relief;O)  Okay, here are the steps.

  1. BACKUP data, drivers, email clients, software setup files.  This includes boot cd/dvd with drivers and basic programs needed to get everything working (such as EasyBCD).  If you will not have another computer handy with web access, make SURE everything is double backed up.
  2. SLEEP and EAT well before starting.  A tired brain and fatigued body just don’t help you think straight.
  3. Go to and read everything you can about dual-booting and both operating systems boot disks, etc.
  4. See this article at SevenForums and and print it out so you can follow along easily once your system is down.  You can let this one go if you’ll have another system on the internet nearby while you proceed.  READ and FOLLOW each step including when it says SAVE!
  5. Make sure after the dual-boot is successfully done that your drives are identified in both operating systems with the same drive letter configuration BEFORE attaching any other devices or using a flash drive.  You’ll find the disk management system in Windows7 to do what you need reconfiguring those to match what is in your XP install.
  6. After all drives, devices are installed and before you do anything else, create a mirror image…yeppers, you knew I was going to send you back to SevenForums, huh?  THEN you can freely add all the other stuff to your heart’s content.
  7. Take a moment and thank the tutorial writer(s) at SevenForums for contributing their expert ideas for all to use.  You also might want to thank the author of any freeware you use to accomplish the task as well with a couple quarters in the jar.

Success came at a price!

Posted February 27th, 2010 by momhere

Oh I have been a busy woman all week….you just didn’t know about it.  I started out last weekend plotting the dual-boot configuration change I would implement during review week (when my responsibilities in PSP Made EZ are minimal) so had done all the prep work ahead of time.  Planning to be gone overnight, I glibly signed off telling everyone I’d return Monday or Tuesday at the very latest.  HA!

Although it took a seeming eternity, I did learn many valuable lessons.  The most important was to read even the small words, you know, like SAVE…eeegads.  Anyways, glad to be back amongst the living and I will be posting about the details once I’ve sorted them out….figure it might help someone, and definitely will help me if I have to do it again.  I know I remembered about the freeware games blog and went there to avoid a lot of unneccesary steps.  Whatever did we do before the internet?

Windows 7 help forum

Posted February 21st, 2010 by momhere

I have been gathering information to be able to get a dual boot setup between Windows 7 and Windows XP so I can have the best of both worlds.  In that effort to learn what I should be doing I’ve run into lots of tech forums, many with lots of great information.  Today I hit on one that seems to be a really good one.  I like the tutorials in that they give detailed information but have less technical and more screenshots than most paint shop pro tutorials.  The front page of the forum is here, and if you scroll down you’ll find the tutorials…and there are plenty.  Hope you find help there.

I will be going down to repartition and restore/reformat into a new configuration.  With any help from above I should be back tomorrow.  The specific tutorial I found was here in the event you’re wanting to get a dual boot done on your machine.

Freeware Solitaire

Posted February 7th, 2010 by momhere

Since I’ve changed back to XP I have not had time to do a dual boot, so was unable to test this software in Windows 7 also, sorry ’bout that.  However, I really like this freeware, and it’s almost as smooth as the SolSuite that must be purchased (every year I have found out now).  It is Big Solitaire 3D, and version 1.4 is here.  I like the fact that you can change settings and there is an undo and redo.  While there are only 40 games they include my favs – Canfield, Free Cell, Klondike and Spider, so I’m happy!  Farewell to paying for my morning fix;O)

PSP X3 trial

Posted February 5th, 2010 by momhere

Well, I have been playing a bit with the latest version of PSP.  The photo features are great, and I really appreciated how easy it was to use the new smart capture.  Here’s my result after playing for about an hour with the smart capture and clone tools.  It was very simple to do and I will be checking out the rest of the tools soon.

Window View

I’m still not sure I’ll upgrade.  There is one reason and I haven’t had a response from Corel yet about it.  When it installs you default X3 as your .pspimage file association (which each version before did also).  I attempted to undo this association (as I had with previous versions) so that I can use my preferred version (9) for that default and was unable to do so.  If it weren’t for that issue I would quickly upgrade as it is quick and doesn’t seem to bog down nearly as much as X, X1 and X2 have.  I used it easily with several full-size photographs without bogging it down.  More as it comes.


Okay, so slower-than-a-rock has figured out how to redo the file associations so that X3 doesn’t re-default.  What I did was go into the file associations, click on remove all in X3.  Then I shut it down and re-opened 9 (version I wanted to default for .pspimage), went to reset it as the default to open that file format again and after testing a couple times, it’s worked fine.  WOOHOO!  Okay, so now I have to buy the new one, and I’m totally sure hubby will understand this need;O)